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About Beardies in Need

Rob Hinchliffe and I started Beardies in Need in early 1980s, the reason initially was to help towards vets fees and any emergency help with funding, without the need for a committee meeting. This was prompted after one young Bearded Collie girl named Pride of Ipswich was put to sleep when no funds were available. This was very upsetting for us and we vowed to never let it happen again.

Since then we are thrilled that Beardies in Need has helped many Beardies and Neardies in many ways, including rescue and re-homing.

Shirley Hinchliffe.

Donate to Beardies in Need

If you would like to donate to Beardies in Need, please use PayPal and send your donation to

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What We Do

  • We are concerned with the welfare of Beardies and "Neardies" wherever they may be.
  • We offer a compassionate re-homing service where you may no longer be able to care for your beloved pet.
  • We are also involved in the rescue and care of neglected or abandoned dogs and are always looking out for new cases.
  • We highly recommend that you take out good pet insurance for your dog, but in an emergency we can also provide assistance with veterinary fees.
  • We have plently of other care and welfare advice tailored to your dog's needs.
  • We have humane traps, nets and poles as well as night vision goggles and a thermal imaging camera, and we can provide lots of advice on how to safely find a lost dog.
  • We can also put owners in contact with animal behaviourists.

For further information, please contact us.

Charity Trustees

Shirley Hinchliffe

Tel. 07765 630182 Email:

Doreen McErlane

Tel. 01473 658545

Lucy Hughes

Tel. 07971 110216

Tim Edwards


Event Helpers & Contact Details

Shirley Hinchliffe

Rescue, Re-homing & Lost Dogs & Events.
Tel. 07765 630182 Email:

Joanne Platt

Rescue, Re-homing & Lost Dogs & Events.
Tel. 07703 750056 Email:>

Doreen McErlane

Treasurer. Tel. 01473 658545

Gary Ashford


Event Helpers

Kevin McEntee, Graham McErlane, Wendy Le Finglas, Peter Howe, Anne Buswell, Hayley Kitchen.

Beardie Camp

Thanks to all others that so kindly help with our annual Beardie Camp: Sandie Evans, Jan Wood, Sheila & Ron Ruttle, Teresa Crocker, Alison Lomas.

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